NYC is the Wild West. Traffic laws are not enforced. And everyone hates bike lanes. I have no idea why. Bike lanes encourage folks to bike instead of drive, which decreases traffic and decreases air pollution. What’s not to like? But the way some drivers treat bike lanes is disrespectful at best. Let’s use this lady I photographed yesterday as an example.

Parking: you're doing it wrong.

She was blocking a bike lane parallel to a COMPLETELY LEGAL and giant parking spot. How is this okay? What was her logic? “I am just gonna sit here and block the bike lane AND keep someone from enjoying this beautiful parking spot. Frak all ya’ll. I cannot be bothered to actually park, that would take whole seconds.” This would not get my goat as much if it was an isolated incident, but I see this crap all the time. This is worse than the run of the mill double-parking in the bike lane for deliveries or errands or whatnot. This kind of professional laziness is totally unnecessary. Pull into the parking spot and stop being a prick. I know, I know, you do this all the time, and will continue to do so…because you will never get a ticket.

Within the same mile as the obnoxious grey Yaris driver I encountered this MTA bus doing a smashing job of blocking the bike lane.

MTA: this bus stops whenever it's groovy, baby.

Notice the placement of the bus parallel to a space on the curb. But this driver is an overachiever; he has managed to block the bike lane, a half block of parking, AND a good portion of the southbound lane. With a little maneuvering this bus would be blocking nothing. But this genius driver was in such a hurry to spend every bit of his break a few feet away smoking a fat skunky cone of a joint that he didn’t have time to worry about traffic patterns or safety. Those things be damned! This is just the type of attitude you want in a bus driver, right?